.io: control your house. from anywhere.
new! the autom8 source code has been released under the BSD license! grab a copy here.

autom8 lets you control your home from your phone, or anywhere else. it also has always-on security monitoring. use multiple devices to control and monitor the same area at the same time. if one phone turns on a light, the others are automatically synced. if a security sensor is tripped, all phones are notified immediately.

both the client and server use ssl for all network communication, making it relatively safe to use over the internet.

the latest version is 0.8.1, released august 23, 2016. download it now..

client demo
server screenshots

although autom8 has been built as an extensible platform, it currently supports only a few commonly used devices. hardware that is known to work with autom8 include the following...

  • x10 cm15a
  • wgl v572rf32 transceiver
  • lm456 lamp module
  • am466 appliance module
  • ds10a door/window sensor
  • ms10a motion detector
  • probably more generic x10 sensors... but untested

the current version of autom8 is 0.8.1 and was released on august 23, 2016. please read below for installation information.

  1. install the ActiveHome Pro SDK on your windows computer. this is required for the server.
  2. install the autom8 server on your windows computer connected to your cm15a.
  3. Install the autom8 client on your android device.
  • added Linux and Raspberry Pi support, plus a web admin app, and web client app. learn more at the github project page.
  • upgraded android client to use material design components (much prettier now)
  • upgraded windows server to latest Qt and OpenSSL version
  • improved password hashing and security. (note: you may need to reset your password)
  • fixed bugs related to picking up RF commands from devices outside of the system
  • android:
    • added new "Intercept camera button" setting to start autom8 (instead of the camera) when the camera button is pressed. (disabled by default)

  • server:
    • disable ability to create new devices with uppercase characters, leading to device status not updating properly.
  • android:
    • improved battery usage when security notifications are disabled
    • fixed blurry drawing observed on high resolution devices
    • all strings are now localized and can be easily translated
    • fixed bug where background notification may disappear until the app is opened again
    • fixed strange edge-case bug where user could get stuck creating a new profile
    • improved connection reliability

  • server:
    • fixed bug where clients with high latency or low bandwidth could cause lag when updating devices on faster connections
    • huge performance improvements, now scales to support over 200 simultaneous clients
    • fixed UI performance issues when log file becomes extremely large, or lots is logged in a short period of time
    • fixed bug where new connections may be accepted during the shutdown process
    • fixed many small bugs
  • android:
    • optional persistent notification for easy system-wide access
    • improved battery usage
    • more reliable persistent connection (and auto-reconnect)
    • main window translucency (looks great with live wallpapers!)
    • brand new settings screen with more options
    • fixed all known focus problems on non-touch screen devices

  • server:
    • user interface completely rewritten in QT4
    • added the much requested "minimize to system tray"
    • more robust session management and shutdown
    • improved logging, with automatic log truncation
    • generally more reliable and resource friendly
  • Q: what is the default password?
  • A: sorry, i'm not going to tell you. please change it to whatever you'd like before starting the server.

  • Q: i can connect to the server over wifi, but not over carrier network (lte/3g/edge/etc):
  • A: you probably need to configure your router or firewall to forward the autom8 server port (default 7901) to the IP address of the computer running the server. if you don't know how to do this, your router manual or a google search should be able to help.

  • Q: the server starts but doesn't seem to be able to control devices. help!
  • A: you probably need to install the CM15A (ActiveHome Pro) COM modules. The easiest way to do this is install the SDK from here.

  • Q: how do I get security sensors to work?
  • this is considered an "advanced" feature. you need a special controller (e.g. the V572RF32) or use the ActiveHome Pro software to convert all RF ("radio frequency") commands to PL ("power line") commands. if the sensor module is "on" it is considered "tripped"; if the module is "off" it is considered "reset."

  • Q: can you fix the server to work with CM11A/CM19A/etc?
  • A: i'd love to, but i don't have the time.

  • Q: what are the license terms?
  • A: autom8 is currently free for personal use. i accept no responsibility for any damages caused by this software. also, redistribution is not permitted without my explicit written consent!

  • Q: what kind of support do you offer?
  • A: not much, but feel free to send me an email if you have problems. i hope you find this software useful -- it should just work if you have the proper equipment.
You can send me an email at casey[dot]langen[at]gmail[dot]com